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Transylvania has always been a fertile ground for living legends. Contrary to all legends, however, predominantly fine wines are produced here. From grapes that absorb the unique terroir of this region and thus provide the raw material from which Liliac makes internationally noteworthy wines.  In present-day Transylvania, Liliac revives a centuries-old wine-making tradition. Here on an area of 52 hectares, pristine cultural landscape and state-of-the-art cellar technology form an attractive and unparalleled symbiosis. This is where autochthonous wines are produced that delight with their finesse and complexity. Whether white, red, rosé or irresistibly sweet – whenever the name "Liliac" adorns the neck of a bottle, inspiring drinking experiences are tangibly close. In addition to hand-picked Romanian grapes, there is also a good quantum of Austrian expertise in every bottle of Liliac.

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Today of course, a lot more is still required to convert grape juice into top wines: uncompromising quality checks, state-of-the-art winery technology and a healthy dash of creativity to exploit the full potential of every vintage.

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The unique climate at the foot of the Carpathians and the rested soils offer the perfect base for the fresh white wines and elegant red wines that have made Liliac the leading vineyard in Transylvania.

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