Nature and sustainability
Hinterlueg forest estate diversity

A forest estate with history

Forstgut Hinterlueg is located a few kilometres from the centre of the village of Waidhofen an der Ybbs, at the end of a narrow ditch. A valley basin covered predominantly by mixed forest and that extends over an area of 141 hectares to the border of the province of Upper Austria.

The heart of the forest estate is a grand hunting lodge and a farm dating from the 15th century. Hinterlueg was restored to new glory by Alfred Michael Beck who acquired the property in 1992, restored it based on the original, revived the farm and forest management and thus placed the forest estate on a new, economic basis for the long term

Small is beautiful

That is the motto for all products sold directly from the farm. From game and smoked fish to the sale of eggs directly from the farm. The fruits from the surrounding meadow orchards have also been processed very successfully for some years.

The high-percentage quality of the fine brandies has repeatedly been awarded medals by specialist juries. The large mixed forest provides quality timber that is processed in the surrounding sawmills.

Private customers in particular are supplied with firewood that occurs during the management of the forest.

Hinterlueg forest estate fishing

The investment goal in the Forstgut Hinterlueg is clearly defined: It is about creating conditions that facilitate a coexistence of people and nature. Optimum use is made of existing resources and they are preserved.