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Your partner for the rental of forestry equipment.

In partnership with a local service company in Lower Austria, various Konrad forestry technology products are offered for rental. With innovative ideas and tailor-made products, the Konrad company creates practical system solutions for numerous fields of application.

WOODLINER rope crane

The Woodliner is a radio remote controlled, self-propelled trolley, which allows an all-terrain operation without pulling, auxiliary or return rope. The trolley WOODLINER is very well suited for downhill transport but also as a trolley in combination with other rope systems. It can be used for uphill transport, but especially for horizontal and downhill transport.

This is how forestry work is done today


With the new radio remote controlled trolley Liftliner 4000 it is possible to work with the functions "lifting/lowering" and "driving" at the same time. This makes it possible to work particularly gently and efficiently in thinnings as well as to place the logs at the unloading point with pinpoint accuracy. The separate hoisting cable winch attaches the pulling cable to the carriage and thus only has the task of pulling the carriage. This means that the clampless Liftliner 4000 works without any wear on the pulling and carrying rope.

KMS 12 cable crane system

is a radio controlled cable crane system which is mounted on a tandem trailer. The system is operated by radio remote control. To increase productivity, a fully automatic line automation system is standard equipment.

The installation of the system is particularly convenient. All functions can be operated via radio control. The plant concept combines a high degree of occupational safety with outstanding productivity.