Building partners

In the beginning was stone

With its participation in Schotterwerk Fischern, amb has been showing itself to be a competent partner of the construction industry since 2004. In Irdning, in Upper Styria, a total annual volume of between 70,000 and 90,000 tonnes of mineral raw material is quarried and processed on site into diverse granulation sizes. The results are ÖNORM-tested qualities for civil engineering and road construction: from sand, grit and gravel in various granulation sizes to drainage layers and anti-frost layers. A common feature of all products is a long lifetime and excellent recyclability. In the interest of increased sustainability, specific recultivation measures have already been determined in order to facilitate a rapid return of nature after the end of quarrying.

Fischern quarry road building

Various sizes of granulation for various construction projects

Gravel is an angular, crushed mineral with a granulation size of between 32 and 63 millimetres. It is essential particularly in the construction of transport routes, where it is used for the base layers.

In addition to gravel, stones of various granulation sizes are quarried at Schotterwerk Fischern for use in diverse construction projects.

State-of-the-art technology in harmony with nature

There is sustainable quarrying of stone at Schotterwerk Fischern. All stone products are characterised by their environmental friendliness and their long lifetime.


Optimum sustainability management guarantees a quick recovery by nature after the end of quarrying.

Fischern quarry material