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A new start in the Granary of Europe

Since Habsburg times, the lowland plains of Romania have been an important part of the legendary ‘Granary of Europe’. Since 2007, the Agro Company now farms a surface area of 700 hectares in the western part of these lowlands, in the district of Oltenia.

Together, a clement climate, black soil rich in nutrients and the river Olt, provide ideal conditions for a fruitful investment. But 40 years of socialist planned economy have left deep traces - in the earth, means of production, infrastructure and in peoples’ minds. To increase the yield from year to year, we are investing in successive modern- isation of production facilities and the machine park, as well as in an ongoing knowledge-transfer.

As a responsible investment our commitment is long-term. The intention is to create a winwin situation for all, not least for the people who work every day in the fields of Stoicanesti.

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